Earth Day 2019

How can you do your part to save energy?

Make changes at home:

  • Change 5 Lights. Replace your 5 most frequently used lights or the bulbs in them with ones that have earned the ENERGY STAR.
  • Shut off the lights when you're done using them, and turn off the TV, computer, and video games when you leave the room.
  • Take a short shower instead of a bath. It can take approximately 25 gallons of hot water to fill the bathtub, compared to only seven gallons for a quick shower.
  • Have your heating and cooling equipment serviced annually and remember to replace air filters regularly.
  • Use a programmable thermostat.
  • Seal up your home. Seal air leaks, add insulation and choose ENERGY STAR qualified windows.
  • Plant a tree to help shade your house on hot summer days.

Make changes at work:

  • Put your computer and monitor to sleep while not in use.
  • Print and copy double sided on each piece of paper.
  • Turn off your light at night.
  • Recycle 10 percent more at work.

Make changes in your commute:

  • Drive Smart. Go easy on the brakes and gas pedal, reduce time spent idling and unload your trunk.
  • Don’t forget the tune-up. A well-maintained car is more fuel efficient, more reliable and safer!
  • Check tire pressure regularly. Under inflation causes increased wear and decreased gas mileage.
  • Give your car a break. Try to combine activities into a single trip; use mass transit; walk or bike whenever possible.

Share how you are making strives to save energy:

Tell family and friends. We’re asking you to help spread the word that energy efficiency is good for your home and the environment.